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Whether it's a residential or commercial space, those looking to provide safe, secure, and controlled access to their building should consider a wired intercom or telephone entry system. We have a wide range of wired intercom and telephone entry system solutions available at DFence. No matter your building size, we have offerings fit to suit your unique needs and specifications when it comes to home or building security. 


With an intercom or telephone system, you will have easy two-way communication set between your building's tenants and potential visitors, making verifying visitors and granting them access a much easier process. Once set, outside visitors can easily contact tenants in your building, and tenants can let them into their space without the need for a third-party security system for your building. 


These systems have a direct wired connection running from the user panel to the indoor units for a more secure connection. This means a smaller risk of any interference from neighboring frequencies in or near your building affecting your system. It also means there's no need for battery power, giving the systems a longer lifespan and lower running costs over time. 


If this is the kind of solution you’ve been looking for, explore some of our offerings below! We have systems that are well-suited to a wide range of building types and sizes. 

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Wireless Access Control Systems

Wireless telephone entry system with intercom allows end user to grant access to visitors via their smartphone from anywhere in the world. 



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