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Driveway Gate Installation

Automatic Gate Installation in Dallas

D-Fence specializes in automated driveway gates, access control for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. We provide turn-key installation solutions for all types of swing and slide gates, cantilever gates and barrier gate operators.



Since no two gates are the same size, we meet with you and take all of the measurements necessary to make your gate with a custom fit. Depending on gate style and type, we measure all openings, distances and heights of the surounding trees, fence lines and other objects. 




When designing a custom made gate, there are several factors that you will need to take into consideration. For example, the width and length of the gate or fence, styling elements, plates and handles, in addition to the distance or space between the pickets. Do not be overwhelmed by all these options available to you, as we always have a qualified staff member ready and willing to assist you.


One of our services that stands out for our customers is that of our custom made gates, as this allows them to have a say as to how their gates will look. In additional to sliding and swing gates, we also provide custom installation for barrier arms, parking garage, and overhead gates. Call us today to see what we can do for you.




All of our driveway gates are made to custom fit your driveway. So it doesn’t matter if you need a swinging drive gate, a sliding drive gate, or a sloped bottom drive gate.  We can handle your requests. Gates can be solid wood with metal frames or decorative Iron.

We design and manufacture custom made gates for various types of clients including: residential properties like gated communities, and commercial properties like gated hotels. Once you order a customized gate from us, you can guarantee that it is going to be exactly what you envisioned it to be.  There is a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, and you will also be able to decide whether you want a swinging or sliding gate. You will also have the option of choosing the style of gate you want, such as: scalloped top single swing, ached top single swing, or a flat top single swing. 



​These systems require a professional level of detail during the design and planning phases through installation. System design experts will guide you through the entire process to ensure your application meets specific criteria and all applicable codes and requirements. Gate systems may require road modifications to widen entrance and exit lanes for smooth traffic flow.

Installation options can include connecting and containment fence or brick and stone columns. Entrance road modifications including new curbs, islands, concrete and asphalt work which are part of a gate system which will be properly installed for ease of use and smooth traffic flow.


Service & Repairs


In addition to manufacturing great high quality custom made gates, we provide installation and repair services. Our services include maintainence for various types of gate motors and openers, replacement parts and upgrades to existing systems, regardless of who install it.


Call us if you are ever in need of repair services for damaged gates, or broken posts and hinges. 

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