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For many years ornamental fences and gates were thought to be only for large, stately homes. 

Today, wrought iron and ornamental iron are used as interchangeable terms. This iron is stunning and may be built to custom specifications. For most people, however, it's often more economical to dress up your fence. This can be done with stock panels and decorative accessories. The accessories for wrought iron fences include scrolls, casting, circles, pickets, arched tops, and more.

"Ornamental fences and gates are stunning and may be built to custom specifications."

Sophisticated and Formal

If you like the sophisticated look, then a wrought iron fence might be right up your alley. The color and design of wrought iron lends itself to a formal property and goes well with a well-manicured lawn, classic masonry, and brick pillars. In some cases, a wrought iron gate can replace wooden gates that have become damaged due to age or the Texas winds.

Providing Security 

Wrought iron fences are an excellent choice where security is a concern. Added security surrounding pools, these fences tend to be high enough to keep the unwanted out, and by adding sharp post caps, scaling these fences is almost impossible. Wrought iron fencing also functions to keep large pets and guard dogs safe and secure. Wrought iron fences do not increase privacy a great deal, but they offer an excellent level of security blended with a sophisticated look.

There are hundreds of different styles of wrought iron and cast iron fences. Whatever your style, you will be able to find something that suits you and your property. You can choose from a variety of decorative elements, including finials, personalized caps, and even coats of arms. Gates can also be added to wrought iron fences and can use either simple key locks or an automated entry system.


Upkeep on ornamental iron fences isn't demanding. D-Fence provides all gates and fences with a baked-on powder coat finish for maximum life span, important around wet areas.

No weld fence systems are available for those who prefer them.  These systems use a system of bolts and rivets. These pre-galvanized connectors are then powder-coated.  Although these systems are more expensive than traditional wrought iron fencing, they do have a long life cycle.

There are hundreds of variations available to embellish your wrought iron fence.  We can help you design a customized wrought iron fence that is specially designed to enhance the beauty of your property.

Previous Projects

DFence Fencing has been providing top-notch fencing services since 2007. With our expertise, we offer gate operators, high-quality parts and exceptional installations and repairs. We are dedicated to delivering the best fencing solutions that suit your specific needs.

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