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Those who have fitted a residential or commercial building with security devices that limit access to your space need the right accessories to fully complete their security system. A security system shouldn’t only work to keep unwanted guests and visitors out. It also needs to allow building tenants and users who have been granted access an easy way to get in and out of their space, without compromising security. 

No matter the access control system you’ve implemented, we have the accessories you need to make utilizing the system a breeze. Our product range covers a wide variety of access control accessories, including transmitters, receivers, exit buttons, motion sensors, card readers, key switches, and fobs. 


Need to remotely open and close a garage door? Provide access to a specific floor of your building. Allow tenants to easily access and exit parking gates. No matter the security measure, we have an access control accessory suited to that need. We offer both the accessories building tenants and users need to securely move around your space, and accessories ready to install into your building alongside an existing system.


No matter the need, we’re confident we have access control accessories that will work best for you and your unique security system. You can explore our full range of product offerings below, to learn more about the accessories we offer at DFence. 


AAS, Linear, DoorKing, Liftmaster keypads, access control units


This type of device has a numbered keypad and users must input a numbered code. The code is read by the keypad and if one of acceptable codes, sends a signal to the gate operator to open. Some of these keypads can hold hundreds of codes and can have hold-open codes which hold the gate open – useful for parties or when you expect a visitor.

Liftmaster, Multi-Code, access control, automatic gates, commercial, parts, service

Transmitters and Remotes

Just like garage door remotes, gate opener devices use remotes as access devices. A receiver, usually installed inside the gate operator, receives the signal from the remote when you press the button and sends a signal to open the gate. Liftmaster, Multicode, Linear, and Genie are some of the major brand names in this area.

Card Readers

A device that utilizes a pre-issued card which the holder inserts or swipes on the reader. The card contains the code which the reader may verify or reject. Similarly, these readers can be used as modular add-ons to many Telephone Entry systems. HID is a popular manufacturer of these cards and devices.

Knox Boxes – K2 Switches – Strobe Sensors

These are required for commercial and neighborhood automatic gates. These allows fire departments entrance in case of an emergency.


Allow automatic gates to open at a scheduled time and close at a scheduled time without the assistance of transmitter or other devices. This is great for places of businesses.



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DFence Fencing has been providing top-notch fencing services since 2007. With our expertise, we offer gate operators, high-quality parts, and exceptional installations and repairs. We are dedicated to delivering the best solutions that suit your specific needs.

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