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Dumpster Installation and Repairs in Dallas Ft. Worth

At our dumpster enclosure service, we specialize in providing custom solutions to all of your enclosure needs. From door repairs to installation, we've got you covered. We'll work with you to design a custom enclosure that is both functional and visually appealing, with custom colors to match your preferences.

Dumpster door installation with R-Panel

Upgrade Your Space with Our Dumpster Door Installation

Looking to replace or install a new dumpster door? Look no further! We offer a range of options for single or double doors, available in various colors and color combinations. Our professional installation services ensure a perfect fit and improved functionality of your dumpster.


Dumpster Options
Post Installation and Replacement
Steel Framed Doors 
Metal R-Panels in Various Colors
Single, Double or Multiple Doors 
Sealed Bearing Hinges
Custom Cane Bolt
Wood, Masonary, or Metal Walls
Custom Locks and Latches

Keep Your Property Clean and Secure with Our Dumpster Enclosure

Protect your property and maintain its cleanliness with our top-of-the-line dumpster enclosures. Our dumpster enclosures are designed with masonry, foundation, and metal walls to prevent any unauthorized access or damage to your property. Our steel doors with heavy posts ensure that your dumpster is as secure as it can get. Order now and keep your trash hidden and contained in style.

Professional Dumpster Repair Services

​Damaged Dumpster? Our dumpster repair service offers a comprehensive range of solutions to keep your dumpster in optimal condition. We can replace broken hinges, repair a damaged frame, or even replace the entire door. Our experienced technicians will make sure that your dumpster is operating perfectly so that you can continue with your daily tasks.

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