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Residential Chain Link Fencing in Dallas

A residential chain-linked fence can be the perfect solution for a strong, durable, and economical way to keep pets and children safe. It requires minimal maintenance and provides excellent security.


Chain link fencing is a relatively inexpensive alternative for providing protection for your property. It is also beneficial as it does not block views of your surroundings. The installation of a high-quality chain link fence will help provide the needed security that you desire, from keeping kids and pets secured in the yard and outsiders off your property.

D-Fence offers our chain link fence design and installation services for Residential and Commercial clients. We will gladly come to your home or business and provide a free consultation for your chain link fence requirements. With years of combined experience, our designers have the product knowledge and installation skills to develop a chain link fence to take care of your needs.

Utilizing chain link fences for your projects offers a wide variety of options.

Chain link options include:

Chain link fencing is the perfect solution for protecting your property, while also providing a cost-effective, attractive solution. It is available in various heights and can be surface mounted, galvanized, or vinyl coated for added strength and durability. Additionally, chain link fencing can be easily installed and is virtually maintenance-free. With a wide selection of colors, sizes, and styles, you can find the perfect chain link fencing solution for your needs.

Double wide chain link gates
Dog kennel chain link fence
Chain link garden fence

DFence Fencing has been providing top-notch fencing services since 2007. With our expertise, we offer gate operators, high-quality parts and exceptional installations and repairs. We are dedicated to delivering the best fencing solutions that suit your specific needs.

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