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Benefits of an Automatic Driveway Gate


Benefits of an Automatic Gate in Dallas



Automated driveway gates are a good first layer of security. Most thefts are crimes of opportunity. If your home has a security gate and others do not, which house do you think a thief will target first? Chances are not yours.


With an intercom at your driveway gate, you can decide whom to let in (or not) by talking to them. Coupled with a camera system, you can visually verify who they are. 



Some insurance carriers will give you a break on your premiums if you have an automatic security gate installed. This is because insurers know your property is more secure and that there is less of a chance that you will become a victim of property theft.

Child Safety

Child Safety

Help keep your kids safe from traffic or predators. With an automatic security gate, you gain a greater sense of security while your kids are playing in the yard, comfortable in the knowledge that they won't be chasing any balls out into the street or won't have to deal with strangers ambling into your yard.

Curb appeal

Curb Appeal

A driveway gate can drastically improve the curb appeal of your property. Your gate can be designed with artistic flair and can be installed so that it really makes a statement and offers a grand entrance to your property. 


Pet Safety

Along with perimeter fencing, an automated gate helps keep your pets within the boundaries of your property  -something your neighbors are likely to appreciate. In addition, a gate helps keep potentially dangerous animals out of your yard.

Prop valu

Property Value

This one’s pretty straightforward: Curb appeal increases your property value and often makes it easier to sell your home. A security gate provides the added touch when someone is deciding between two homes, one with or one without. Given the added convenience, added space to your yard, and additional privacy, why wait?



Prefer not to deal with pushy solicitors? Stop them before they get to your door. If your property has an automatic gate standing guard, knocks on the front door go away. 


If you’re ready to talk to one of our gate installation professionals, contact us for an estimate.

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