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Service Agreements

What We Do:

We make two (2) service trips per year. Our Inspection includes the following:

  1. Check all Wire connections

  2. Check Wheels for wear and obstructions

  3. Check all Hinges

  4. Check Operators' working condition 

  5. Check Solar Panels or Battery Charger

  6. Check Circuit Boards for water damage or corrosion

  7. Check Control Board Settings

  8. Check Roller Guides

  9. Check to Ensure gate will swing or roll smoothly

10. Check for any Broken Welds

Included in the Maintenance Agreement is the Gate Tune Up:

  • Grease /lube all moving parts: Chain, Hinges, Gears, Wheels, Rollers

  • Tighten belts and chain, nuts and bolts (replacing belt if needed)

  • Adjust gate for proper tolerances and safety requirements

  • Test for proper Voltage on Batteries or Power Supply

  • Test radio Receiver, Remotes and Keypads

  • Clean Out Operator (grass, spider webs, dirt, evidence of rodents)

  • Cycle the Gate 5 times 

  • Touch up Paint where needed

  • Leave Proof of Service


Need additional remotes? Call us for parts and coaching to add or reprogram codes. 

Outside of the two service calls, if there is ever a problem, we service your gate without a charge for labor.  We respond to service needs as a priority service within 48 hours of your call, (not including weekends). We can usually do same day or next day service.


Result: Less breakdowns and hassles at the wrong time.

D-Fence Gate and Fence offers an annual service/maintenance agreement plan.  A properly maintained gate will function far better, will last longer,

and is less likely to break down when most needed.

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