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Service Agreements

What We Do:

Our Inspections include the following:

  •  Check all Wire connections

  •  Check Wheels for wear and obstructions

  •  Check all Hinges

  •  Check Operators' working condition 

  •  Check Solar Panels or Battery Charger

  •  Check Circuit Boards for water damage or corrosion

  •  Check Control Board Settings

  •  Check Roller Guides

  •  Check to Ensure the gate will swing or roll smoothly

  •  Check for any Broken Welds

Included in the Maintenance Agreement is the Gate Tune-Up:

  • Grease /lube all moving parts: Chain, Hinges, Gears, Wheels, Rollers

  • Tighten belts and chains, nuts and bolts (replacing belt if needed)

  • Adjust gate for proper tolerances and safety requirements

  • Test for proper Voltage on Batteries or Power Supply

  • Test radio Receivers, Remotes, and Keypads

  • Clean Out Operator (grass, spider webs, dirt, evidence of rodents)

  • Cycle the Gate 5 times 

  • Touch-up Paint where needed

  • Leave Proof of Service


Need additional remotes? Call us for parts and coaching to add or reprogram codes. 

Outside of the two service calls, if there is ever a problem, we service your gate without a charge for labor.  We respond to service needs as a priority service within 48 hours of your call, (not including weekends). We can usually do same-day or next-day service.


Result: Fewer breakdowns and hassles at the wrong time.

D-Fence offers annual and bi-annual service/maintenance agreements.  A properly maintained gate will function far better, will last longer, and is less likely to break down when most needed.


We have 

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DFence Fencing has been providing top-notch fencing services since 2007. With our expertise, we offer gate operators, high-quality parts, and exceptional installations and repairs. We are dedicated to delivering the best solutions that suit your specific needs.

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