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Dumpster Gates


DFence provides residential, commercial and industrial Dumpster Enclosures that are manufactured to meet local codes. Custom made to hold one or more trash containers, of various sizes, depending on usage needs. Durable, resilient and affordable. 

Metal framed dumpster enclosure gates
Metal framed gates to enclose dumpster area

Dumpster Gate/Enclosure Installation


Dumpster enclosures are often needed to keep people out of your garbage. Hiding it’s location can simply solve most of the problems for business owners. If you have ever had a dumpster stolen or someone going through it, you know how annoying that can be. 

We offer several styles and options for your dumpster area or container. Enclosures can be constructed with masonry, metal or wood exteriors. Our gates are constructed with a metal frame with a choice of metal, wood or picket face, depending on your needs. 

Dumpster Gate Repair

Damaged Dumpster? We can replace hinges, repair frames or replace the entire door/s. Exteriors can also be repaired or replaced, regardless of material. 


Contact us for additional information on fence repairs, commercial gates, and operators. 

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