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Chain Link Gates


Chain link gates can be installed for driveways or for pedestrian traffic.  In some case, gates become damaged and require repairs or replacement. In either case, we can construct, add or replace you gate.  

Damaged chain link swing gate
New chain link swing gate replacing previously damaged gate

Installation & Repairs

Chain link gate allow for internal controlled access to areas fenced off. Chain link fgates provide security and safety for inventory or personnel. Combined with manual locks or electronic access such as card readers or keypad can also provide tracking into secured areas. 


Chain link gates, either driveway gate openings or pedestrian walk gates can be installed to help manage internal work areas. 


Whenever you are in need of a gate company that knows the ins and outs of the gates and fences industry, the first call you make should be to D-Fence. We provide several services at our company like: fabrication of various types of gates and fences, installation and repairing gates, and installing and repairing all types of gate motors and openers, regardless of who install it.


For additional information on our commercial gates, operators and other products, contact us at (214) 797-2192.

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