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Copyright Laws


The user of the D-FENCE FENCING, LLC website should note that all images, text, documentation, electronic text and image files, video clips, and other materials are protected by copyright laws, purchasing rights, and additional restrictions.  D-FENCE FENCING, LLC retains all rights, including copyright of data, image, and image purchase, text, and any other information contained in these files. Copyrights, purchasing rights, and other proprietary rights in the material on this web site, also include individuals other than, and in addition to, D-FENCE FENCING, LLC that appear on this site. D-FENCE FENCING, LLC prohibits the copying of any protected materials on this web site, except for the purposes of fair use, as defined in copyright laws. Users of any D-FENCE FENCING, LLC material must cite the source of material.



Unauthorized publication, or exploitation of D-FENCE FENCING, LLC files is specifically prohibited. Anyone wishing to use any D-FENCE FENCING, LLC files or images for commercial use, publication, or any purpose other than fair use as defined by law, must request and receive prior permission from D-FENCE FENCING, LLC.

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