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Wireless gate access controller enables you to control access to an automatic electric gate or pedestrian gate in at a residence, commercial, or government facility. Access can be granted from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Visitors may also have code access from the keypad, cellular telephone intercom access, video entry systems, remote transmitter access from a car, biometric readers, proximity readers, emergency gate openers, or bluetooth enabling access from a cellular phone.

Cellgate Cellular Video Intercom System


Control your gate from Anywhere

Installed anywhere

The system works on a cellular network and does not require phone lines or internet access. Perfect for rural locations, (farms, oil rigs, or large estates)

User-Friendly Smartphone App


From the app, you can talk to and view streaming videos of visitors, as well as grant gate entry access. Create unique access codes (including restrictions) for all regular visitors to your property, and view gate access history with photos for six months from the web portal.

Calls up to 9 Contact

When a visitor arrives at the gate, Watchman can call up to 3 smartphones simultaneously  - whoever answers 1st is connected to the caller by voice and video. If none of the 3 smartphones answers, up to 3 more smartphones can be called next. If again there is no answer, 3 voice lines can be called. Pure telephone entry option for users without smart devices.

Easy Upgrade From Current Syste

If you would like to replace your existing gate entry system, Call Us and we can easily install Watchman in its place.

Wireless telephone entry system with intercom allows end user to grant access to visitors via their smartphone from anywhere in the world. Cloud based system provides application management from any computer or tablet. Perfect for apartments, HOA's or homeowners. System allows you to create event reports, add or delete users, check connection signals, allow your tenants to have two way conversations from their smart device remotely, grant/deny access and a host of other unique and user friendly features. And it takes a picture at each transaction. 


Easy Upgrade From Current System 

If you would like to replace your existing gate entry system, Call Us and we can easily install an Elika in its place.

Telephone Entry Systems

Some homeowners prefer to have voice interaction with visitors to grant or deny access. Telephone or intercom systems provide for this and some include video cameras to display visitors and even send the signal to a recording device.

DoorKing 1812 Intercom System at DFenceDFW
Directory phone system, access control, Infinity, Liftmaster, Airphone, commercial, DFence
Automatic Gate Entry Systems

These systems have a range of bells & whistles. We have entry systems that:


  • Allows searches for a particular name

  • Cell phone gate access

  • Camera surveillance in black & white or color

  • Works as a toll tag system

  • Full computer access

  • Logs entry/exit times for security purposes

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