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How to Choose A Contractor

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Before choosing a Gate or Fence company, ask yourself:

  •  Did the contractor visit the property first and provide you with a FREE written proposal?

  •  Was the consultant knowledgeable and courteous?

  •  Was the estimate comparable to other companies?

  •  Did the company provide addresses of previous jobs so you could view the work first hand?

  •  Did the company offer you some type of warranty?

  •  Does the contractor carry personal liability insurance?

Why D-Fence is the Fence Contractor for you.

  •  D-Fence visits each property BEFORE providing a FREE written proposal.

  •  D-Fence installation experts are knowledgeable, courteous, and reliable.

  •  D-Fence offers competitive pricing.

  •  D-Fence will provide addresses of previous and current jobs upon request.

  •  D-Fence offers various warranties on all workmanship.

  •  D-Fence is fully insured.

  •  D-Fence is knowledgeable of city codes.

  •  D-Fence design experts offer a variety of fence design options for customers.

  •  D-Fence will work with insurance companies.

  •  D-Fence accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal.

  •  D-Fence does installation, service and repairs.

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