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On Site gate repair with welding

Your property’s gate is an important part of keeping your home or commercial establishment secure, as long as it works reliably. A gate that’s slow, noisy, or suffers from repeated issues is a potential security and safety risk, and needs to be repaired by professionals so that its problems are dealt with effectively. We offer a wide range of services to cover all the issues that gates can develop, and our technicians work hard to deliver results in a short space of time.

Fixing Malfunctioning Openers

One of the most common issues that homeowners encounter with their gate is a problem related to the opener. This device is vital for the automatic operation of the system, and can cause a lot of problems if it starts to break down. Many common complaints such as jerky or noisy movement, or failure to open or reverse as needed, can be traced back to a problem with the opener. Because we work with major brands like LiftMaster, Viking and All-O-Matic, we can provide brand name replacement parts, and even completely new models, which we will fit quickly to ensure your gate returns to its proper working order.

Replacing Worn Components

All the different parts of your automatic gate system are designed to last, but over time it’s inevitable that some will wear out. Regular maintenance can help extend your gate’s service life, and a key part of this process is identifying any components that are have been worn or damaged past the point of being functional. Whether it’s new wheels or hinges, or some larger part like posts or even a panel, our technicians will be able to assist you.

Realignment and Welding Repair


Your sliding gate can get out of alignment due to accidental collisions, at which point it won't be able to move properly, or at all. Our team will assess the situation, check to see which parts have been damaged and then return the gate to its proper position and make sure that it is perfectly aligned with its track once again. If the hinges of your swing gate require some repairs, you can count on us to weld them and to ensure that the mechanism is able to move smoothly again. We’ll then perform tests until we’re satisfied that your system can continue working reliably and safely once more.

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There’s no need to wait for an appointment – get in touch with DFence Gate Repair today and tell us what's wrong. Our team will be happy to help you with anything from track alignment issues to worn hinges and a damaged wrought iron frame.

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