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Electric Gate Openers for Driveway Gates

Using the right electric gate system equipment is crucial for commercial and residential applications. If you want your system to last 10 plus years, subjected to varying weather conditions, choose equipment that will last. Here is much of the equipment we use day in and day out and we'll stand behind them with our 1-Year installation warranty on parts and labor. Many manufacturer’s warranties on workmanship can be longer than that.

When purchasing a new automatic gate opener in Dallas, there are several options to consider. The most obvious choice lies in selecting between an operator that opens the gate by sliding it to the side or swinging it outwards. If you’re trying to power a gate that is currently far away from a power source, a solar gate opener is a great option that will prevent you from going through the hassle of having to run power to your gate. Most standard-sized driveway gates that are only opened a few times each day are good candidates for solar gate openers in Dallas. The second thing to consider is how much power is needed to reliably open and close your gate? That answer is dependent upon the size of your gate, how it opens, and how many times it needs to open each day.


As most people know, gates that require opening by hand are a common source of accidents.  Don't risk injury to yourself or loved ones, purchase an automatic gate opener and stay stress free.  Who doesn't want peace of mind?


Don't put off enjoying the security and convenience of an automatic gate opener.  It just may be the best investment you've ever made.  Not sure which gate operator is right for your specific needs?  Call us at 214-797-2192 for help.  No pushy sales talk - just helpful answers.

Swing Gate Operators

Slide Gate Operators

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