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Electric Automatic Gate Repair

Welding and Adjustment Service

Hinge and Post Repair

Sliding Gate Wheels, Guide Rollers & Track Repair

Remotes, Receivers and Operating Devices

CALL TODAY (214) 797-2192 

(214) 797-2192

We Service ALL Brands of Operators

CALL (214) 797-2192

Automatic Gate Repair Flower Mound

D-FENCE handles all sorts of repair calls every week for automatic gate repairs in Flower Mound. We receive calls from both residential and commercial customers. We can often come out to help them the same day they place the call. On occasion, they will call us when they have an emergency over the weekend or at night. We offer services when they need it. We are proud to serve the customers we call neighbors here in Flower Mound.


When you have a problem with a gate, call us. We are here to serve your home or business when you need us. We know that you depend on that gate to work properly. And it's very inconvenient when they do not work properly. The best way to solve this problem is to contact us as soon as possible.

Gate Operator Service


  • Broken Gate Opener

  • Gate is Stuck Closed

  • Gate Not Responding

  • Gate Opens on Its Own

  • Gate Making Loud Noises

  • Problem is intermittent

  • Gate Stuck Open


Gate Repair


  • Damaged Frames

  • Broken Rollers

  • Track Replacement

  • Broken Hinges

  • Sagging Gates

  • Rusted Gates

  • Barrier Arm broken

  • Broken Weld

  • Gate hit in an Accident


Flower Mound Gate Repair and Installation

Diagnostic Service


  • Gate Closes on cars

  • Infrared Beam not Reversing gate

  • Gate is Erratic

  • Gate Loops not working

  • Remotes not working

  • Card Reader not working

  • Emergency Egress not working

  • Battery Backup system not working

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