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Commercial Chain Link Slide Gate Installation & Repair

Make First Impressions Count

In any business, first impressions count, and therefore the entrance to your business premises needs to convey the right message. An electronic gate provides stature and security. If the gate malfunctions, it can be a real headache. Our technicians realize this, and are on hand to ensure that the gateway to your property is in tip-top working order.

Avoiding Costly Repairs


Entering and leaving your commercial premises should be an easy process, and you certainly don't want an automatic gate to malfunction and cause damage to an employee or visitor’s vehicle. The sure-fire way to prevent any issues in the first case is to schedule regular gate inspections. During these visits, we can identify any potential issues and avoid costly commercial gate repairs at a later date.

Coping With The Unexpected


Despite regular and scheduled maintenance visits, accidents and breakdowns can happen. When they do, a fast and responsive service is of paramount importance. Not only will our technicians get to your premises quickly but they will also start troubleshooting the issue from the moment they arrive. Burnt-out electrical wires or a malfunctioning safety sensor? No problem, our experts will carry out the necessary commercial gate repairs or replacements and get your gate functioning to its maximum potential as quickly as possible.

Making The Most Of Your System


Maybe it's a question of optimizing your intercom system's communication capabilities or increasing your property's security level; our team is here to help. We will discuss your individual needs and come up with a number of viable options and possible upgrades. Our inventory is constantly being updated to include all the leading models and brands.

Help Us Help You

For all your gate-related questions or to discuss any issues you may be experiencing, speak to one of our friendly representatives. Contact us today; we are here waiting to help YOU with all of your questions.

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