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Chain Link Fencing | Commercial | Industrial 

D-Fence offers our chain link fence installation services. We provide indoor and outdoor chain link enclosures for warehouses, commercial and industrial properties surrounding the DFW area.  

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Chain-link fencing, wire or woven fence is usually made of galvanized steel and offers years of security especially for high traffic areas, indoor warehouse enclosures. Common heights for commercial fencing are generally 6', 8', 10', 12' and upwards for golf courses, baseball fields, tennis courts or other specialized sports fields or specialized projects. 


For maximum security to your commercial property or industrial building lot, we provide razor ribbon and barbed wire. 


Commercial and industrial gates ranging from 3' - 30'+ are our specialty and can be installed to secure your property and keep your equipment and facility safe.


For additional information on our commercial gates, operators and other products, contact us at (214) 797-2192.

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