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Commercial Gate Installation in Dallas

As a business owner you know how important every detail and business decision is. The location you choose and the type of gate and fencing you select to protect it can have an impact that ultimately effects yours business.


At D-Fence Fencing and Gates we are experts in automatic gate sales and repair in the Dallas area and we are here to help select the gate that is right for your company. We are able to offer a various styles and types of gates and controlled access products.

Type of Gates


  • Slide Gates

  • Swing Gates

  • Pedestrian Walk Gates

  • Chain Link 

  • No-Climb Metal Pickets

  • Spear Top

  • Canilver Gates

  • Barrier Gates

  • High Traffic Gates 

  • Access Control

We use LiftMaster products due to their high performance and our operators range from light to industrial heavy duty.


For additional information on our commercial gates, operators and other products, contact us at (214) 797-2192.



Sliding gates are great for properties with space

restrictions. Sliding gates run along the backside of a fence line which great for properties that have width but, not depth, like a short driveway. You could literally open the gate, pull your car just inside the property, and close the gate; something not possible with a swing gate. 

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