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Access Control

Access Control - Intercoms, Keypads & Entry Systems

Access control is a system which enables an authority to control access to an automatic electric gate or pedestrian gate in a given residence, commercial, or government facility. This is accomplished in many different ways – code access on a basic keypad, telephone intercom access, video entry systems, remote transmitter access from a car, biometric readers, proximity readers, emergency gate openers, or bluetooth enabling access from a cellular phone.

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Wireless Access Control Systems

Wireless telephone entry system with intercom allows end user to grant access to visitors via their smartphone from anywhere in the world. 

Automatic Gate Entry Systems

These systems have a range of bells & whistles. We have entry systems that:


  • Allows searches for a particular name

  • Cell phone gate access

  • Camera surveillance in black & white or color

  • Works as a toll tag system

  • Full computer access

  • Logs entry/exit times for security purposes

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Telephone Entry Systems

Some homeowners prefer to have voice interaction with visitors to grant or deny access. Telephone or intercom systems provide for this and some include video cameras to display visitors and even send the signal to a recording device.


This type of device has a numbered keypad and users must input a numbered code. The code is read by the keypad and if one of acceptable codes, sends a signal to the gate operator to open. Some of these keypads can hold hundreds of codes and can have hold-open codes which hold the gate open – useful for parties or when you expect a visitor.

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Transmitters and Remotes

Just like garage door remotes, gate opener devices use remotes as access devices. A receiver, usually installed inside the gate operator, receives the signal from the remote when you press the button and sends a signal to open the gate. Liftmaster, Multicode, Linear, and Genie are some of the major brand names in this area.

Card Readers

A device that utilizes a pre-issued card which the holder inserts or swipes on the reader. The card contains the code which the reader may verify or reject. Similarly, these readers can be used as modular add-ons to many Telephone Entry systems. HID is a popular manufacturer of these cards and devices.

Knox Boxes – K2 Switches – Strobe Sensors

These are required for commercial and neighborhood automatic gates. These allows fire departments entrance in case of an emergency.


Allow automatic gates to open at a scheduled time and close at a scheduled time without the assistance of transmitter or other devices. This is great for places of businesses.



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